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The Treaty of The Square and The Hammer - Vox Populi MDP

on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:30 am
The Treaty of The Square and The Hammer
(Mutual Defense Pact)
Effective: 1st April 2017

The following treaty outlines the obligatory terms of the Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) between Vox Populi and Socialist International.

1. In the case of a war that one of the signatory alliances is defending from an outside aggressor, regardless of provocation, Vox Populi will defend Socialist International from the outside aggressor (via both diplomacy and official warfare) and vice versa.
2. This treaty is open to amendments. Any signatory that is regarded as an active signatory is subject to any amendments made to the treaty so long as all of the following conditions are met:
a. The treaty has not had amendments or changes resulting in deleted or modified text from the treaty, nor text added anywhere except for under the “amendments” section (yet above the “signatory” section).
b. The amendment was agreed to by all active signatories and can be proven that it was agreed to.
c. The amendment does not violate any rules set forth under this “terms” heading.
3. The only signatory alliances are, and only can be defined as, both Vox Populi and Socialist International. Under no circumstances can an alliance be added to the treaty as an amendment. If another alliance desires any relations with either Vox Populi or Socialist International, they will need one or more external treaties.
4. An active signatory is defined as:
a. A valid electronic signature present on the treaty of a government member of either Vox Populi or Socialist International whom was granted availability to become a signatory by the highest bracket of government by their respective and the reciprocated alliance.
b. A person who has already fulfilled 4a and is still in power within the signatory alliance to a degree which their respective signatory alliance can accept.
5. To terminate an active signatory (to make them an inactive signatory):
a. Vox Populi and Socialist International must both agree to terminate the signatory.
b. The name of the newly inactive signatory must be reported inactive as a new amendment.
6. To add a new active signatory to the treaty:
a. The proposed newly active signatory must be a member of Vox Populi or Socialist International.
b. The proposed newly active signatory must be a part of Vox Populi’s or Socialist International’s government.
c. The proposed newly active signatory must be agreed by all current active signatories on the treaty.
7. This treaty possesses most favoured nation status. This means that anyone who signs on as a new active signatory is subject to any terms and amendments before they have signed on, and any amendments added afterwards.

This first amendment functions simply as a placeholder. It changes absolutely nothing.


Vox Populi
Baronus, Master Mason of Protection and Wealth
Colin Smyth, Master Mason of Foreign Affairs
Heartily, Master Mason of Internal Relations

Socialist International
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Prime Minister Krennic
Minister of Interior Epimetheus
Minister of Defense Botan Abe
Minister of Treasury bigboom789

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